Dancing for the 519 @ Treehouse Party, Toronto Pride 2013

This year I was fortunate enough to experience Toronto's Pride celebration alongside New York's.  Here in NYC, I got to dance in front of Cher on Thursday night at Marquee, Friday night at PAPA, and Saturday evening at Matinee on Govenor's Island then it was off to the airport for quick jump over to Toronto Canada.   Toronto pride is something very different from New York's (and we could do well by taking some pointers from them) none of their parties compete with each other so everyone comes together to attend every event, as opposed to NYC where some people feel obligated to attend one event while their friends go to another.  Toronto's gay village exists mostly between two large streets, Church and Yonge, over about twenty blocks or so, and during pride they shut down traffic in this area completely with Yonge street hosting their parade and Church packed shoulder to shoulder with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (gays, straights, families) celebrating pride.  The feeling of unity in this city is incredible.  I arrived Sunday with enough time to stroll around the streets with my boyfriend for a bit and really get a charge from the energy of the city.  Sunday afternoon and evening were spent at the Treehouse Party, a charity event for the 519 Church St. Community Center, the party took place this year at an open air quad at a university in town with a line to get in that was down the block as far as the eye could see.  Spinning at the party were some of the best DJ's I know, DJ Abel, Chus & Ceballos, Isaac Escalante, Chez, Jeremy Khamkeo and Nick Bertossi (this was actually my first time hearing Nick but I've been listening to his podcasts all the time now).  I did one show at the beginning of Chus' set earlier in the afternoon with some great backup dancers from Toronto, and finished out the party with another show when the sun went down and the lights came out, with just me and DJ Abel on stage.  It was a pretty incredible experience, the music and energy from the crowd was deeply moving and I danced like I never have before.  This was most definitely a highlight in my dancing life.  Below are a few preview shots from photographer Richard Rhyme from my performance, more to come soon!  A big thanks to David at Slick It Up for my outfits, as well as the 519 Community Center, the Treehouse Party, and all of my amazing friends in Toronto for making this a very amazing Pride!

Treehouse Party........Green Space Toronto....Toronto Pride 2013

This year I have the great privilege of being able to celebrate Pride in two of the greatest cities in the world.....My home New York City and Toronto Ontario!  This year we're going to celebrate on the same weekend so all of North America can hear why we're proud!  I'll be in my home, New York for Friday and Saturday with my amazing family here who are all celebrating the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA & Prop 8.  Then hopping on a plane and heading to the biggest gay pride celebration on our continent in Toronto.... I'll be performing at the Treehouse party for Green Space Toronto on Sunday afternoon through the evening, an event that supports the 519 Church St. Community Center, and turns up the volume on Toronto with some of my favorite DJ's Chus + Ceballos, Abel, Isaac Escalante, Nick Bertossi, Chez, and Jeremy Khamkeo.  It's going to be an amazing Pride!

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A Chase acoss the rooftops........a new story in DNA magazine

Just in time for Pride a story I shot last summer with photogrpher Mark Bidaux is running in the current issue of DNA magazine.  The shoot features a lot of pieces from Jeremy Scotts Fall 2013 collection, which was packed with rainbow prints and textiles.  Seeing this show was incredibly moving for me.  At the time I was going through a rough period and the rainbows trotting down the runways gave me such hope, so this shoot carried a lot of meaning.   I hope you enjoy some of the extras from the shoot below, and to see the full story as it ran in DNA, have a look at the magazine's website here.


Easter Eggstravaganza!!

I'm not usually one to go all out and celebrate Easter....but this year to celebrate the exact date in history that our lord and savior rose from the dead ;), I drank some caipirinha's with my man and some of my sexy friends, while cooking and decorating some eggs.  Cause nothing says easter more than 4 gays getting drunk and painting.
Drag Mess


Carnival by Cadbury




Jeremy Scott

Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock

Epcot Eleganza

Epcot Eleganza

Epcot Eleganza


Planetary Deconstruction




Fur Ball


Mike and Abel

The set up

Ponstep Issue 4 - Nice Buns by Carlton Davis

Here's a few shots from the newest issue of Ponystep Magazine featuring the hind sides of myself and a few of my boys.  The magazine mis-credited a few of the pages....can you tell which ones NOT me?

This Saturday at XL 3.9.13 DJ Eddie Martinez and Tony Moran

Something stirring on Saturdays

 New York finally steps it up on Saturday nights.  XL has a new creative team and we're bringing Saturdays back they way they should be.  A new roster of DJs will be turning out the dance floor while, fun and sexy shows tear up the stage.  Come check it out...every Saturday night at XL.