Wish List...I Want, I Want, I Want!

One of the item's that I'm a little obsessed with right now if this Jacket by Jeremy Scott for Adidas.....It's no secret that I'm in love with everything JS....and this little piece is one I need to add to the collection (it's reflective!!!).
So if anyone is having trouble thinking of little Christmas or Birthday gift  for me....Look no further.

Chase Plays for Rick Day

If you're a fan of sexy pictures of sexy guys then you have no doubt heard of Rick Day.  He has two books out now Players and Pioneers, both are musts for the gay coffee table (hide them when the family comes to visit).
Rick and I got together and shot a few images for the second Players and Pioneers books.  These are a few of the photos I'm able to release, the others which are a little more explicit, can be seen when the new books hit the shelves. Keep an eye out!


Today's Slice is on one of the sexiest men down in Miami...my buddy Roberto.....we'll call this one the double slice!

Remember to send me photo's of your slices!

Chase for Beautiful Magazine by Thomas Synnamon

One of my long time favorite Blog's, Beautiful Magazine published a little piece on me shot by Thomas Synnamon.  I've added a link to the Article by Beautiful below the images, please check it out and look for more of my work on there.


Watercolor Chase

Me and my Jeremy Scott triple tongue's done in watercolor by the Talented Chuck Nitzberg!


Today's Slice is one of my favorites here in NYC, Daniel......Isn't he just delicious!!!

Remember to send me photo's of your slice!

Giant Land

My friend Karl Giant is just wonderful.  A talented bundle of Joy......If you haven't heard of him, he's an incredible makeup artist turned photographer now director.....He's shot some of the biggies like Tyra and miss Wendy Williams, How you doin.....and Directs all of Ultra Nate music videos.

I've posted some of our older work together.....here's some of the new stuff.

Chase in Art

Below are some art pieces by the talented Dan Romer.  I really love Dan's interpretation of myself, and I hope to work with him again....Art is soo much better when you're in it!
Thanks Dan!


So I've been rocking the slice in my hair for almost two years now......it's becoming a sort of trade mark look. (not to mention it's easy upkeep) But more and more I'm seeing other people rocking their own slices around the city.  So I'm starting this little section called "Show me Your Slice"  so if you or anyone you know adopts this hot as hell haircut....send me pictures and I'll post!
Today's slice is my boy Jenssy down in Orlando Florida, sporting the tiny slice!

Joe Oppedisano for PREF

While I'm posting some older photos I might as well bring out post selects from my first shoot with Joe Oppedisano.....This was for a French magazine called PREF and one of the images is used in Joe's most recent photo book.

Funny story from this shoot......The bike was a loaner.  I have some profiles out there on personal sites, most of which I don't regularly check on.  But occasionally I get in the mood and I go in to clean out my inbox and see what hotties are a knockin.  I open one message only to have my head bitten off.  Apparently the owner of the bike sent me a short message to compliment me on the photos, and when I didn't respond he took offense and sent me this message basically damning me to hell.

To him if he's out there, I'm very sorry, nothing personal. And to anyone else finding themselves in this situation....introduce yourself maybe??!?!  Say something more other than "hey nice pics" if you're looking for a more persoanlized response.

Okay here's the photos

Old images from Karl Giant

Here's a little taste of me, when I tasted a little more like chicken and a little less like beef......some older photos taken by my good friend Karl Giant. Enjoy!