Zombie Killers Episode One...This might just be the most badass thing

Here's a little preview of a comic by my boy Francu Godgluck called "Zombie Killers" where I star as the only Human left in NYC.  This is just the beginning...stay tuned for the full comic to follow...... will I find any other survivors?!?!

Check out the spread and Prologue below, and to see more of Francu's awesome work you can check his BLOG and his PORTFOLIO 

"New York city population? ... one so far ... living dead don't know don't care.  Just keep running just stay alive ."

Four months ago Chase was dancing his ass off in his favorite club when the infection hit, now no more go-go dancing no more fashion now staying alive is rule number one. Chase is one of the lucky to be immune to the infection, now looking for more survivors in this hell hole of chaos.

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Keith said...

Chase, this is amazing.