Something about this video, directed by my buddy Mariano Vivanco, does it for me.....and I want this zombie boy!!

Way to go Mariano, you're the best!

Trends and Things I'm obsessed over

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm becomming an outspoken fan of drop crotch pants (aka Harem pants, Genie pants whatever you want to call them.) They have been making small appearances for the last couple years but in the past few months they have really become a relived trend that I'm so happy about.  Some people might hate them and refer to them as diaper pants, but I say take all your old skinny jeans and boot cuts (which should not even exist in your closet anymore) and pack them away for years to come. It's time to trade up for their sexier and more badass drop crotch cousins.

Another big trend for the this season is bright bold colors.  It's all about mixing together vibrant solid colors in every part of your wardrobe, don't stop with the shirts, grab a few brightly colored pants and shoes to tie it all together. Personally I think the primary colors are hot little combo.

 A great item to pair with a good pair of drop crotches with a retro elastic waist is a vintage sweater. One of my favorites is this Adidas sweater below. Makes for a super 80's look.

The SLICE Rules the world!

I've always thought there might be a black woman living somewhere inside of me.  A couple good DJ friends of mine have taken up calling me "White Chocolate" since I have substantially more rhythm and dance ability than the average white boy.

But here is the final proof that I'm a little black from head to toe. Here is Miss Nene leakes from Real Houswives of Atlanta rocking her own version of the "Slice".  I noticed this while I was watching her and Kim get into a good ol' Cat fight on the tour bus to Miami and the camera did a real close-up of Nene's hair  and there it was....shaved in all it's glory, with a boatload of Murphy's wax holding it open.  I wasn't able to find a great picture of the closeup so you can see how wide it really is, but you can get the jist from these.


Something about cartoon drawings of sexy men with bulging muscles has always attracted me, but I never imagined that I would find myself interpreted into one of these sexy little images.
Here's a new years gift from an amazing artist Alessio from Spain, who did me up as a hot woodsman taking a break to sit on some wood ;)
Please check out his blog to see all of his other amazing images Alessio In Wonderland


Getting old ain't easy!.........For most people. But right now I'm getting better with age ;)
I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes and gifts! I'm so lucky to have so many amazing friends and family in my life.  And I'm so ready for 2011.
Here's a little birthday present from artist Dan Roemer....enjoy!


I Know it's been awhile since I've posted.  The holidays have completely consumed me.  But after a few big parties, a trip back to Ohio, and some much needed shopping....I'm back.
I hope everyone had a great New Years.  Here's a little gift from myself and photographer Aaron Cobbett.
see the rest at his blog