Show Me Your Slice!

Todays Slice has come all the way from Spain....I've seen a couple spanish boys rocking the look, but Youssef is a super sexy one that I met recently here in NYC.

"STUFFED" some photos by Thomas Synnamon

Here's a new photo spread I shot with Thomas Synnamon you can see more of his work with me and other sexy guys at wanted to do a shoot that would showcase my buddy Vic's Jewelry line check it out at But I wanted to make it more than just a partial nude shot with necklaces so I added in a cuter softer element....I hope you guys enjoy!


Here's a few Sketches done of me by David Wolfe and Rob Clarke enjoy!

Regarding Straight guys

So I happened to find myself at two very straight parties over the last two weeks. And I found myself extremely frustrated in more ways than one.

The first night was at Pacha, I went with a good friend of mine and we were probably two of the only gay men in the house. But the straight men were insane...sooo gorgeous. Everywhere you looked there was another piece of hot man meat. Tall, dark, italian and very bridge and tunnel.
Ronnie from the Jersey Shore was in the DJ booth if that tells you anything.

I looked at my friend Anthony at one point and said "this is where I am going to Die, its going to happen tonight. I'm going to be found in some alleyway beaten to death (hopefully raped first)"

So Here's what got me all frustrated....and straight guys if any of you happen to be reading this not only are you gay...... but you should take note.

Sexy muscular straight can get better ASS!!! half of these knockout gods were walking hand in hand around the club with TRASH!!! Greasy haired, bad makeup, horrible taste is clothes TRASH!!! You can get better, look in the mirror.....FOR GODS SAKE TAKE ME!!! you can have all this and I swear its soooo much better.

Second....I can't stand seeing straight men who have absolutely stunning faces walking around with shit below the neck.
If you have been given that potential by god, work a little and make the most of it.
Don't waste what mommma gave ya.

Thats all im done.

A few more Goodies from Dylan Rosser

Here's a couple more shots by Dylan see the full set of images check out his website