Behind the Scenes for Cazwell's "Get My Money Back" Video

Here's a little look into a rehearsal for the music video with cazwell, choreography is by Joe Buffa.
It's not the clearest since I took it on my iPhone, but you can kinda see me in the blue if you watch in full screen.   Enjoy


Cazwell "Get My Money Back" music video Directed by Marco Ovando

It's finally here, Cazwell's new single "Get My Money Back" featuring pretty much my whole crew. Keep your eyes peeled for me and my short little dance segment, and enjoy!

Backstage footage to come

"Miami Fire" a Chase in Your Face exclusive by Gianfranco Santorsola

I'm back from Miami, and like I promised here are the goods. Some sexy street wear shots by my good friend Franco....This guy is quickly becoming a very talented photographer and is one I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of soon. I hope you enjoy our work.

Black Party Edges Near

It's that time of year again, time to dust off the old harness, polish your boots, and probably stop by the doctor to get your shots. Black party is this coming weekend in NYC and if you're coming into town and want to get a taste of my dance moves up on stage, then here is my exhausting schedule....make sure you come up and say hi (I don't bite)

Friday March 18th - Rockit @ QUO 28th street between 10th and 11th Aves.

Saturday March 19th - Club 57 @ Providence 57th street between 8th and 9th aves. 12am-4am
Black Party @ Roseland Ballroom from 7am-12pm

Sunday March 20th - Alegria @ Best Buy Theater 2am-10am
Verve by Eddie Elias Location TBA 2pm-7pm

Hope to see everyone out!

Some Fantasy in the Garden

Today's photos come to you from the mind and studio of Aaron Cobbett. This guy has so much creativity and vision in him. The photo's below are from our recent session, but there are a lot more to come from this and others. A few we have to keep locked up for some future publication/shows of his, so make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for more of Aarons work coming out. And of course check out more of his work with me and some other sexy guys at his blog Rose et Ride You can also find this sexy little thong called the "candy sling" at Slick It Up

Let's get it Miami!

I'm getting my ass ready to head down to sunny Miami for Winter Party..... If any of you will be there you can catch me performing at Matinee Saturday night, Cameo on Sunday night and at Eddie Elias' afterparty monday morning.

will also be doing some shoots down there so I'll be coming back with more photo treats.

In the meantime here's a little something I've caught flying around the World wide web, by my good friend Marco Ovando who I get to see when I get to Miami.
Marco is also the Director of Cazwell's hit music video "Ice Cream Truck" and the director of his new video that is premiering this week in Miami at the Winter Music Conference called "Get My Money Back!"
You will definitely be seeing this new video on the blog as I have a nice little dance segment stay tuned.

Materialism cont.

I forgot one of the best beautiful...i can't!


Some new things that are coming along that I can't get my mind off....if anyone feels like getting me a late birthday's my registry.
From the FW Bernhard Wilhelm collection.....I need to have these overalls, it kind of like a sexy workout top that continues into these wild pants....may not look like much on a hanger but picture it on me. The two hoodies are amazing and look comfy as hell, totally fits in with the relaxed casual look ive been going for lol. and the sweat pants with the S&M elastic straps couldn't be hotter....finish it all off with these uber sexy boots and im happy for another season.

Some much needed ranting.......

my apologies for not posting lately....todays post is coming to you from my work computer since my personal computer is in limbo somewhere.

I recently ordered a new Macbook pro since my old compy has bit the dust. As we all know Macbook's are no small purchase and so I was super stoked to have my new silver shiny baby sitting in my hands last week. (some much needed retail therapy after going through a break up)

SO as I complete my purchase on the Apple site, apple decides to dredge up the address of a client of my business as the shipping address (this is screw up #1 on their part). I noticed this though and no more than 5 seconds later I call customer to notify them of the problem. The representative takes down the change of address, says this is no problem, and I receive an email confirmation saying "Hey we got your correct address on file it's all good, your computer is on its way".....and so I wait eagerly expecting this piece of technology on my doorstep soon enough.

Friday comes though and no computer. Instead a call from my client saying they received a package at his winter home in Miami. MIAMI!

So now I call Apple and tell them the horrible mishap. How could you possibly send my computer to the incorrect address after I went out of my way to make sure the correct address was noted in your system. Once again the representative says no problem, we'll look into this and hopefully by Monday they will ship you a new computer overnight to your home in NY.

Monday comes, no call, no email. nothing. I call Apple back and they inform me that because the package was signed for (by some random person "Consuela") that they are relieved of all responsibility.
How in this day in age can a company be relieved of responsibility for a package that was signed for not by the consumer, not even by the recipient, but by a doorman??!?!

So after hours of stomping and screaming, and lots of hot air. The only course of action given to me by Apple is to call the authorities in Miami or pick up the package myself, or just hope that a doorman in Miami feels kind enough to ship a brand new computer to some random gay in New York.

So fuck you Apple, Miami here I come.

Luckily its Winter party.