Where to be Memorial Day Weekend

I have a busy weekend ahead again....I hope you all try and come to see me if you're in the New York area this Holiday weekend.  There's gonna be some great parties.
You can find me at Rockit at District 36 Friday, Club 57 Saturday, Alegria Sunday and Eddie's Afterparty Monday.
Click on any of the flyers below for more info and tickets
 and see you there!

Show Me Your Slice!

Today's slice comes all the way from Paris.  Here's my boy Kevin Cozien sporting his own slice.....I think he's got it right on point!  And what a beefcake too!

My hair is almost done growing out and ready for some new photo shoots.....I know I have posted any new ones recently....but hold on, they're coming!

Fuck The Haterz

I suppose anywhere you go and no matter who you are in the gay scene queens are gonna talk shit.  And I realize that since I put myself in the public eye I give those caddy boys even more to talk about.  However, recently I have been enlightened to all sorts of convoluted things being said about me behind my back, by people that I've never met or heard of!!  I would love to say that I'm one of those people who just doesn't give a fuck what people think, I know I shouldn't, after all I'm just a young man going through life, doing what I need to do to get by and have fun while not hurting anyone along the way.
But I still feel the need to take some walls down to set things straight.
Firstly, I am not as into myself as I make out to be on this blog, it's a satirical take on the narcissism that is ever flowing out of social networking outlets like facebook and twitter. I may be vain, and spend too much time in the mirror, but I can laugh at myself for that. And I surely know that while I may be attractive, there are plenty of other incredible looking guys out there. I don't believe myself to be better than anyone else, in fact I'm bit insecure and shy, but the life I'm leading doesn't allow for me to be as bashful as I'd like. I just hope my readers realize how much of a quite humble little homebody I am, I hurt too!! lol

I gogo dance not for necessity, but out love for dance.  As I've mentioned before, nothing brings me joy and lets me connect with myself more than dancing does, and if you've seen me dance I think that is evident.  While I make very good money gogo dancing, I'm not delusional in thinking it's a career. I also work full time at a fashion photography agency during the week in addition to dancing two and three nights on the weekends. I am hurt that people lump all gogo dancer into a bunch of drugged up messes who have no future, because of the few they may have come upon. I can assure you that myself along with the dancers that I book are nothing like the dancers you've seen before and they all certainly have a bright future ahead. I pride myself in bringing sexy real dancers to New York's nightlife, not the bump and grind muscle boy you may associate the word gogo with.

I won't bore you with all of odd things I hear come up about me but trust, some of them are absolutely hilarious and just not worth getting all heated up about.


It's freezing in New York today.....just over a week before June and it's cold as shit.  But we're all here still so we can be thankful for the graces of whatever powers may be. One of my favorite things to do secretly in the comforts of my home is blasting some beautiful music and dance around my living room.  Something about dance for me, reaches down into a deeper conscious and brings out a joy that is very primal and freeing. It always makes me happy to be alive. And so today I'm giving you a track that I hope will having you swaying around your own living room and enjoying the life we have and have waiting ahead for us.  It might also explain a little about the title of my blog. enjoy!


Chase in Art!

I love to post the works of amazing artists up here.  I think artists have a hard time in this world, especially in a day where everything is becoming digitized. Someday I'll do something myself to post up here, but it's been a long time since I've created anything outside the photography realm.  The image below though is from an incredible talent, Michael Brown , he's taken an image of me shot by Joe Oppedisano and re-created it free hand.  Someday soon DNA will publish this set of images (if you feel like writing them a letter and asking whats up please be my guest, tell them you want some Chase) but when they do run in the magazine you will see how insanely accurate Michael's work is. He really is a master at his craft.  The original of this image as well as prints of it are for sale from Michael. Just click on his name to be redirected to his facebook site where you can see more of his work and purchase any of his amazing pieces.  Enjoy!

White Chocolate

A few of the Dj's that I work with here and there have adopted the pet name "White Chocolate" due to the way I dance, among a few other character traits I might share with a 18 year old black girl.  If I were a black girl though........ I would be this one. I don't know what rock I hide under, that this is the first Nicki Minaj song I'm hearing, that I'm aware of.  But I love the song, I love the video (up until the black light section which just took things in a whole other direction), and I love her. I you better believe I know every word to this song, and can probably do it all better than miss Minaj.

Nasty Knockout

Nasty Pig releases their newest Jock this month, the Knockout Jock.  And look who got to model it off!  Here's some shots of the underwear packaging, and a fun little image that you can see in stores.  This one gives everything you need from a jock strap super comfortable, great room with good support, low rise waist, and masculine design. It's a real knockout!  You can get one of your own by going to Nasty Pig's Site

French fries and fashion

Sometimes you can do so much with an iPhone and some new clothes.  Here's me photographing myself for once in some new duds from Jeremy's spring summer collection.


Some quick sketches my by boy Anthony...... There's one in here where he alters some of my accessories to ones that would make great additions to my closet.  He totally has my style down. Enjoy his work!

The Latest from Slick It Up....

Here's me rocking another uber graphic tee from Slick It Up, and in case you wondered, I'm not really standing near a swamp outside Miami, it's just the beautiful photo artistry of parisian duo Exterface. If you haven't heard of them already check out their work at www.exterface.com, it's really special what they create in each of their images.  Until I make it over to Paris though, this is just a teaser for me.

May Flowers......by Aaron Cobbett

"This is no secret garden.
Everybody knows
Everybody watches
As it grows
Burgeoning begonias
And gladiolas, cheek by jowel.
Eyes follow hoe and trowel
As he moves them to and fro.
This garden has a secret, though,
Shielded from view.
The lovliest bud of all,
Is reserved only for a few." - Aaron Cobbett -

See more of Aaron Cobbett's work at his blog Rose et Ride
and see the full article at Beautiful Magazine