Olivia Newton John....Pride....and the rest of my busy weekend.

The streets are already bustling with the gays, rainbow flags hung on the fire escapes with care, Fags are laughing, straights are passing.  Gay pride NYC is here.  I am trying to catch up on all the rest that I can before the weekend hits, I have more parties than ever to dance at, and more dancers to manage. Here's the rundown for the weekend....Click on any of the flyers to get tickets for the parties, and enter "CHASE" as the promo code for Bondaii Beach for 20% off tickets!!!

Zombie Killers Episode One...This might just be the most badass thing

Here's a little preview of a comic by my boy Francu Godgluck called "Zombie Killers" where I star as the only Human left in NYC.  This is just the beginning...stay tuned for the full comic to follow...... will I find any other survivors?!?!

Check out the spread and Prologue below, and to see more of Francu's awesome work you can check his BLOG and his PORTFOLIO 

"New York city population? ... one so far ... living dead don't know don't care.  Just keep running just stay alive ."

Four months ago Chase was dancing his ass off in his favorite club when the infection hit, now no more go-go dancing no more fashion now staying alive is rule number one. Chase is one of the lucky to be immune to the infection, now looking for more survivors in this hell hole of chaos.

A New Circuit Party Destination

There's always Black party, White party, Winter Party, Black and Blue, and the list can go on for ages; But,  July 1st-4th Spain's Superparty "Matinee" hosts its own weekend music festival in Las Vegas.  The company, known for it's incredible productions is pulling out all the stops for this event, with party's in Vegas' Rain nightclub.  I'll be there performing as usual and the outfits are going to be S I C K! Click on the image below for more info and tickets and enter "CHASE" as the coupon code when you book your week passes!  Maybe I'll see you at a slot?

And if your coming from LA theres a party bus leaving Friday and returning monday you can get tickets for that HERE........."CHASE" is the word again on the coupon code ;)


I came across this image shot by Joe Oppedisano from OUT magazine recently.....It is old as dirt. I'm soo skinny in this picture and a little over retouched...I don't know how I even got into this shoot looking the way I did.  But here I am laying on the lap of Amy Sedaris.  I love Amy, she's one of my favorites all the way back from when she was doing "Strangers With Candy". 
It's said that you should never meet your idols, because usually it ends in disappointment, but that was not the case here.  Amy was sweet as pie, funny, charming, and pretty....all the things I imagined here to be. We shot this right as the Shrek movie she did a voice over for was playing in theaters and she almost came to see the movie with me and my then boyfriend, but unfortunately formed some sort of escape.
Anyways I thought I would share it with you.  No judging.

Gay Disney Report

I'm back in town from Orlando...and I don't have the best news to spread.  I went down to Gay Disney for the first time ever, and I was actually really excited. Believe it or not I had never been to Disney world as a kid, not because I was depraved, but because I was more obsessed with adult things when I was younger and had no interest in Disney things. So I was now curious to see what I had been missing these 25 years.  NOT MUCH! Orlando is a horrible place, and I'm sorry for anyone who must live there.  It's especially awful for a New Yorker who isn't used to being in a completely automotive driven society....I mean there are no sidewalks to be found, I tried walking to a few places rather than take a cab and I ended up on a few safari's.

So I stayed in the Buena Vista Palace which was hosting the event, because thats where Matinee was putting me up.  It was a good enough hotel, no complaints there, except they screwed up my reservation originally but that was fixed in no time.  But if I wanted to eat the nearest options were downtown Disney filled with overpriced food where half of what you pay for is the cheesy decor, and your company is either six years old or sixty six years old. I'm sure it's a great place if you have a crying kid you need to shut up.  I must say, I did get held up for a minute there by the "princess parade" where two older women dressed in Medieval garb carrying a banner, and another two throwing flower petals, guided a rope with all these little girls dressed in their favorite disney princess outfits attached to it (and two teenagers who looked like they hated life blowing bubbles in the rear) And it was the CUTEST thing I saw all weekend. I had to stand and wave at them as they passed, I cried a little too.

Friday night I went to Typhoon Lagoon, I was super excited for this party, it was the main reason I wanted to go on the trip in the first place.  What could be better than water rides, house music and intoxication?!?! By the time the party got going, my friends had all arrived, one coming straight from the airport. We took what we needed to take and got going to the slides.  The water slides were good, I was more impressed than my friends were since I haven't really been to any major water parks. But it was a good time being together and sharing the experience.  The wave pool was crazy and I thought I was going to drown at one point, it's been longer than I thought since I've swam in strong deep water and my lungs were going through it!  Once we had done all the slides and stood in the wave pool for a bit we decided to put some shoes on and head to the dance floor.  We must have not done enough drugs because as soon as we got to the dance floor we turned right back around and left the party.  The music was HORRIBLE! good thing the water slides were there to keep us entertained the first half.

After Typhoon Lagoon we went back to the hotel to freshen up and put on some new looks, and went to Paulo's Tunnel party in the basement of the Hotel.  Paulo spun the best music I heard all weekend, and this was definitely the most fun I had not working. The production was good, light and lasers were amazing....so thumbs up to whomever was responsible for that.  And I danced until the wee hours.

Saturday I rested a bit, and then got ready for Matinee - Ibiza Rising, the main event.  The production for this party was out of this world.  The party was at Universal Studios with the stage right beneath a rollercoaster the "Hollywood Rocket" or something like that (which I road several times in between sets).  The stage had all kinds of lights and platforms....it was very well done.  I'm posting a video of the party at the bottom of the post so make sure to watch.  There was a little drama backstage, one of the dancers who works with Spain was a huge diva, and without reason he was skinny and showed a lot of gum when he smiled and the whole time he was on the trip was saying things like "you may have seen me" and "do you know who I am" or "we do it this way" and basically threw a temper tantrum when he was told he had to dance this one set without a break when others had to do the same.......this kind of person I call a FAGGOT.....someone who is disgusting and does nothing for the gay community, but thinks of himself as higher than everyone else....I have news for you honey....your a gogo boy. I may be one too but I dont think it makes me better than anyone.  There were a couple other dancers that probable shouldn't have been on stage either but that happens. You'll see in the video.  I'm actually not in the video at all by the way, I got cut out.....I'll see if I can find one of me and my boys Johnny and Alex...Johnny you can see in this video really tearing it up....he's an incredible dancer.
Also Matinee Spain has this thing where they want the dancers to pose and move slowly and not dance.
I understand that not everyone can dance and so this is a safe way to keep people from looking a mess on stage.  but those people should stick to the posing and dramatic movement.  Myself and a few of the guys I book actually can dance and make their dancing a performance that is masculine and Hot.  Johnny is a talent like I've never seen in the nightlife world and to tell him not to dance is an insult. Also the slow moving thing isn't for America, we tried it for Matinee's in the past and people don't enjoy it, they stare and become confused and it messes up the energy of the party. This is America and we like it extreme, we like to feel things and pass the energy from the stage to the crowd and back.

I left midday Sunday before before Chus and Ceballos, which I'm sure would have been amazing, but after taking one last trip to the pool I was very happy to be returning to New York.  And thats my report of Gay Disney 2011.......I didn't see a single hot guy I didn't already know....waa waa now heres the video of Matinee.....enjoy!


Watch out Mickey........HOH BOY!

Tomorrow I take-off for Orlando to Gay Disney.  I'm going to be performing for the Matinee "Ibiza Rising" party on Saturday night there.  If you haven't got your tickets yet, go buy them now because it's gonna be a hot show, it should be after all with about 3 different groups producing the event.  I'm mostly excited though to go to the Typhoon Lagoon party, something about water slides, sexy boys and good music just seems like it'd be the bees knees.
This might all be a very irresponsible decision, as they are not really paying me my usual rate.  I would be making much more by staying in town and doing my regular thing, but responsible was never very fun.
So if you plan on being in Orlando this weekend make sure you come to Matinee and stop by the stage to wave hello.  I'll see ya there!