Some Different Graphic Renderings....

Today's post is a piece of graphic art by an artist/architect named Zuki. He used a photo from my shoot with Tim Palen, and turned it into what almost looks like a charcoal sketch at first, but when you look more closely you see it is indeed a graphic art piece. As the artist mentioned, there is a certain "wistful and serene" quality to the image he started with and I think his take on that is striking.  It has a certain melancholy and at the same time is ethereal as the lines fade from silver to grey and drift off into nothing. I hope you enjoy this, because I really do.

My True Loves......

It's unfair that I haven't yet shared with you the two biggest parts of my life, my pups.  I've had them both now for a little over 4 years, since an ex that I spoke about in a previous post left them with me.  Though they can be a heavy burden at times in the city, I am so glad I have them because they mean everything to me.  Mischka, which means "little mouse" in czech, is a Yorkie and long haired Chihuahua mix and she's about 13 years old (I'm not sure of exact age because I've only had them for a short time).  As you'll see from the pictures she's a supermodel and tends to act like one, she squeaks like a little girl when you come home, loves to give kisses and is very independent and dominant....little big mama of the house.  Julio is a toy rat terrier who I believe is about 11 years old. Julio is a little gay boy, and was probably the runt of his litter.  He's blind in one eye from being bitten by a cat and a little bit of a paranoid nervous wreck, and needs to be loved.  He is in heaven when he is smooshed, and loves nothing more than to dive in between me and a guy I'm cuddling with and get smooshed between us.  The tighter he's squeezed the happier he is. He's only 5 pounds but will let you use him as a pillow and makes a kind of humming noise when you do.  He sleeps under the covers an will have it no other way. And he is very very fast, but because of the blind eye he tends to run into things very very fast.   So without further adieu here is Mischka and Julio.

Mishka aka Mimi, Mama, Micky, Black Mamba
Julio aka Hoolies, Jules, Baby, Special Needs Child

 Julio Driving to Long Island
 Mischka in the beach

 This one cracks me up

 Julio's favorite way to take a nap with Daddy

 Julio's second favorite way to take a nap when Daddy's not around, see him?


The Search.....

Searching for an apartment in New York City is hard.  I'm the type of person who finds a place and settles in and won't move out until the absolute need arises.  Even though I love my home, it's a great location and I have a wonderful roommate that is like a brother and he loves and accepts my two dogs, I pay an outrageous amount of money and it's falling beyond my means anymore. So time for a move.
But I can't help but be a little overwhelmed at the moment. I have school starting in two weeks, a full time job, a night job and on top of it all I have to look for an apartment in this crazy town.
The most frustrating part is all the damn scams you go through on craigslist, just trying to find a decent place to even look at.  Then once you do...forty other people are there looking with you.  At least that's the case if you're going it without the broker.  So I'm asking my readers to send good vibes my way, in hopes that I'll find a place that I can call my new home.

Whats New at SIU

Check out some of the new t-shirt designs available at Slick It Up for the end of Summer. David is wearing the Medusa tank inspired by the mastery of C U Next Tuesday also known as Versace, and the New York City T....and there's me in the neon pink Slick It Up Tank.

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Wild Child....Photos by Justin Violini

I know it's been awhile since I've put up a new shoot.  It's taken me a good bit of time to grow the slice out of my hair (keep that in mind if you're considering it) and I wanted my first shots with the new wild curly hair to be something a little more untamed, unrefined, and different; to go along with all the amazing urban and animal inspired pieces I gathered.  After seeing Justin's work and the raw beauty he captures in an almost voyeuristic way I knew he was right to do the shoot.  It's something different and special from most of the work I've posted before so I hope you enjoy this little expose with some of the new pieces from the Jeremy Scott FW 2011 line....and a little Bernhard Wilhelm too!

to see more of Justins work follow the link

Tank by Jeremy Scott, Shorts by Nasty Pig, Watch by Jeremy Scott for Swatch
Leopard Hoody by Jeremy Scott X Adidas

Jacket and Pants by Jeremy Scott X Adidas, Thong by Slick It Up
Shorts and Headband by Bernhard Willhelm

Tiger Hoody by Jeremy Scott X Adidas, Rubber Jock by Slick It Up

Graphic Art by Kai Karenin via Rick Day

I've been watching the works of a really cool artist who works with vectors in his graphic art.  His name is Kai and he's from Russia, and a big sweety. Kai does these pieces on a lot of the really major male models in the world so I'm very honored that he chose to do a piece of me. I've actually been working on some vector art myself, not nearly as conceptual as Kai's work but more like the movie "A Scanner Darkly" (which is a very interesting movie that you should watch if you haven't already, and if you have and you liked it, then go read some of the author Philip K. Dick's books.  He writes some really trippy sci-fi stuff) but this shit is hard to do!!! It takes many hours making little tiny layer after layer, and I have a long way to go. But if you really enjoy this piece by Kai and the type of art he does then please go check out more of his work at  where he has tons of work with all the big hotties of the moment.