Is She on your phone bill.....

This is an older video but it's definitely one that will always bring a smile to my face.  Thanks to my friend Dwayne for always being so amazing.

An Interview with Chase Chase Hostler

I ring the doorbell of a lovely brownstone in chelsea, peeking in through the window I see a large ceramic panther hanging on one wall of the first floor apartment.  The door buzzes and I push my way in, stepping over a pile of unread mail, only to be bombarded by two yapping gay dogs.  My subject is handsome, but much shorter than I imagined him being.

Chase: Oh Don't mind the Kids! (he's shouting at them as he says this!) I swear they don't bite!  Well.....They might but none of their teeth are big enough to do much damage.

C: Oh it's fine, it's fine....I have two of the exact same dogs of my own.  Dare I say mine aren't quite this loud.

Chase: I know, I inherited them from an ex-boyfriend who never trained them well, and you know Old Dogs don't learn new tricks.  But come in, have a seat.....take your shoes off first please.  I see you have a pair of Jeremy Scott high tops on.

C: Ah, yes I saw you wearing a pair and I had to have them....strangely enough it seems we have a matching collection. 
Odd indeed....I'm not surprised though.  Those shoes are everywhere now....and let me tell you....some of those people have no business wearing something so loud on their feet.  It's all about accessorizing them properly, making them work WITH your outfit.

Can I offer you something to drink?

C: I'd love some juice if you have.
I went through my last bit of juice last'll have to settle for water.

C: I can't help but notice your apartment looks like Martha Stewart went to battle with some paper and art supplies.
Oooo Sorry about the mess.  I hate having a messy house for guests, but I feel like I practically know you already so I thought there was little need to tidy up.  Truth is, I've been exploring design lately and it's led my home to become a war zone of arts and crafts.  I've just been so busy between that and my work, I haven't had the time to clean.  I honestly need my Slave to come over and fix the mess, but you know....having a slave is almost just as much work as doing the cleaning yourself.  I mean they expect all this punishment and direction, you have to constantly make as if you're angry and can never be too satisfied with their work (you DO have to leave something to work forward to after all).  I'm beginning to run thin on ideas on how to humiliate them.

C: Does this Slave want anything in return?
No just the punishment...I do catch him trying to sneak smells of my underwear when I'm not in the room, but he would never dream of getting anything sexual from me.  He does always ask about my friends, or people I know and whether or not I tell them I have a slave....public humiliation seems to be his thing.  He wants desperately to know what people think of his lowliness.  But nailing him down for a time to come is a chore itself, and if my naughty slave is reading this he should be more attentive to his master and anticipate my needs. Master isn't pleased right now!

C: Fascinating, I would love to try having a slave.
I'll give you mine's number, I'm sure he'll like you, and perhaps you can whip him into shape for me.

C: I'm surprised by the decor of your apartment.  I was expecting to see portraits of yourself adorning the walls.
Honestly the whole narcissistic thing is a gag.  I have this persona going in the New York night scene that needs attention, and I thought a blog that pertained only to information and imagery of myself might be a fun idea to play with.  I'm really a closeted introvert and a homebody that prefers a night in, working on my arts and crafts.  The situation has gotten so bad that I feel like I have two personalities....the one that people see and requires being a pompous, well-groomed, fashionably dressed entertainer, who knows everyone....and the other who still loves camping, cooking, video games, pot, a good anime flick and the time he can enjoy with the 10 or so close friends he has.  I almost don't have time for both!

C: I can relate to the feeling.'s just a phase.  But don't get me wrong...I'm still waiting for the perfect portrait to hang above my bed or on the mantel (though I think the mantel is a bit cliche)

C: And so what are your plans for the blog?
For now I keep hoping to make creative photoshoots to show my readers, I always love to find artists to promote as well.  I will continue to do my best to inform people on what to wear and to push the limits of day to day fashion.
I find it funny that we live in a time where people make postings to the world every few minutes about what daily mundane task they are completing along with a picture of themselves half naked in a mirror and think it's noteworthy news.  I can't figure out why anyone would want to know any of that information about me, let alone anyone else out there. It's the purpose of my blog to exaggerate that narcissism that we see in our day to day Facebooking and give a little tongue and cheek to it.

C: I completely agree, I'm only doing this interview because I have to.
Well there's no need to be nasty now....

C: Sorry, but it's true.... So I hear you just got out of the hospital?
Yes I had a little run in with a bad appendix, and was locked in the hospital for over a week.  No food, no water.....I may as well have been in Guantanamo Bay.  Luckily I have friends to come visit, and even more so I didn't have to have a surgery to destroy this pretty little belly I have going on down here.

C: Did you reflect on anything there?
Other than a cheeseburger, not really.
I did have my mother come to town to take care of me.  She's good like that, best mom a guy could ask for.
I suppose you could say my time was filled with meditations of gratitude.

C: Well that's all I came to talk to you about.
Geez, you're not much of an interviewer.

C: anything else you'd like to say?
Gesundheit...thats all.

(but off the're pretty wanna get together later?)

C: Sorry, I'm not into short guys.