Sweet Dreams from Gay-ville

As many of you know, there's a new way to make your next holiday travel plans, www.Gay-ville.com is the gay-friendly vaction rental website that helps connect you with great places to stay in all the worlds gay destinations.  Gay-ville is also know for their very sexy web video sensations, and they've just released another starring the Handsome Mr. Eliad Cohen of Gay-ville, and the legendary Amanda Lepore, along with myself, Avi Ben Yosef, and my brother Patrick Crough.  Directed by Marco Ovando.



I'm laid out on the couch today,  my allergies are letting me have it and I'm seeking refuge inside.  I'm kind of bummed out because it's such a beautiful day out and I wonder if I should just suck it up and get out.  One thing that's made me smile today though, was getting a little gift from a very talented artist (and cutie) Pepe. I hope you enjoy these cute toons from an adorable artist.  There's a very sweet and charming quality to his work which I assure you eminates straight from the artist himself.  If you want to see more of his work check out his Facebook Fan page  facebook.com/myduotoneworld

The Dawn of a new SlickItUp

Here's another video from the creative mind of David Mason of SlickItUp, featuring myself and some of my brothers Vic, Johnny and Mike.....Enjoy!

SLICK IT UP - Swimwear 2012 from SLICK IT UP on Vimeo.